Part 1 of the conference TRANSMEDIAL – DIGITAL?

The experiences gained within the project ONAMA-Ontology of Narratives of the Middle Ages were one of several reasons for initiating a conference at IMAREAL on the topic TRANSMEDIAL – DIGITAL? Potentials of New Approaches in Research on Image & Text in the Premodern Era.

The conference, organized by Heike Schlie and Isabella Nicka, is intended to provide a platform for a scholarly discussion on the intermediality of image and text (in the sense of a media theory for the premodern era) and thus bring into conversation proponents of current methods in research on text/image relations (including those that fall within the field of Digital Humanities).

Originally scheduled for February 2021, the conference will now be held as a two-part event due to the covid pandemic: A public workshop is planned for May 26-27, 2022 in Krems. On November 5, 2021, the contributors and organizers met in an online conference for some first exchange. On the basis of short project presentations, questions connecting the different approaches could be explored and the framework for the discussion in the second part of the conference could be set.